Friday, November 25, 2011

Best Airlines in the U.S Skies (Pt. I)

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Having just got back from a quick flight to San Diego has gotten me thinking about the airlines I choose to fly with and why!
There are numerous times (especially in this economy) when we cut back on the most comfortable journey in order to snag one that is in our budget. There are times however when you can get both a great price and a fun ride all in one. I have just taken a look at my experiences with Domestic US Flights using the criteria below! Have a look and let me know which are your favorite US Airlines.

The Criteria
  1. Cost: All of us are wanting a good deal at the last minute and look for great cost to service ratio and so the cost is one of the most essential components to look at.  
  2. Space situation: No one wants to be cramped with no space for baggage and absolutely no room to breath. The comfort of the space situation during the journey is also something I consider when grading the airlines. 
  3. Complimentary Services: On board what is given? Do we get free snacks, drinks, entertainment... anything? This makes the ride so much more pleasant and can not be overlooked. 
  4. Ease of Check-in/ Overall Cabin Service: How effective is that overall airlines at checking people and luggage in and how friendly is the staff. This comfort is also looked at when assessing the airlines. 
  5. Overall Safe feeling: Last but definitely not least, I have a look at what the overall feeling of well-being and safety was on the airlines. 

Runner's Up: 

#3 United Economy (Plus) Airlines: United Economy (Normal) is by no way worth raving about. I believe they are too cramped, though not quite as badly as American Airlines. United Economy (Plus) is fantastic though. A picture is shown below. It has slightly larger dimensions and allows for a comfortable, enjoyable ride.

Cost: $$$
Space: AMAZING for Economy, even more so than Virgin!
Complimentary Services: Soda and free entertainment (only in United Economy Plus)
Overall Cabin Service/Ease: Hit or miss with the staff, normally friendly enough!
Overall Safety: Never any major issues.

#2 Southwest Airlines: With the smallest number of consumer complaints according to US News Travel's Best and Worst of Major Airlines Southwest was one of my best airlines for the crucial cost to service ratio. I look to this airlines for quick, short trips, because the prices here are often unbeatable for those...

Cost: $-$$$
Space: 4/5 The space is good enough. Nothing to complain about.
Complimentary Services: Yes, peanuts, crackers or a cookie, and a soda!
Overall Cabin Service/Ease: 4/5 Friendly service in the sky, and easy-to-use check in kiosks as well.
Overall Safety: Some turbulence, never anything glaringly wrong.

#1 Continental Airlines: This airlines is the only bunny-friendly airline in the sky! Despite my bias towards this amazing airlines for their bunny-travel transport, they are friendly and overall a comfortable experience for the cost. They were voted the best airline quality in US News Travel in 2003 and have manged to maintain that through these years.

Cost: $$
Space: 3/5 Not too bad in terms of space, not the most spacious economy seat though
Complimentary Services: Yes, peanuts and a beverage!
Overall Cabin Service/Ease: It is clean and friendly. No real blaring issues
Overall Safety: 4/5 There is some turbulence but we've always been told about it and warned sufficiently in advance.   

By far the coolest airlines in the sky has got to be Virgin America, hands-down! With their fun, interactive communication with the passengers, to the free inbuilt entertainment, amazing lights and entirely amusing safety video, my all-time FAVORITE airlines to fly with is Virgin America! I would choose them every time!

Take a look at their incredibly entertaining safety video! You'll see what I mean by they are just so much fun and super cool!

Cost: $$-$$$ (Depends greatly on if you take a deal flight with them, or look at the cheaper times or not).
Space: 5/5 Very comfortable (Applies for first class,main- cabin and main-cabin select).
Complimentary Services: Yes, a free soda or water during the flight. Free in flight entertainment for everyone.
Overall Cabin Service/Ease: 5/5. Staff is always really friendly and really easy to use the check-in machines.
Overall Safety: 5/5 Overall seems to be an extremely safe airlines.